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Observe World Environment Day 2019

Posted by AMZfiling on 6/3/2019 to News
Celebrated annually on June 5th, World Environment Day is a day for bringing awareness and inspiring people to take action towards improving environmental issues around the world. 

Each year, the official celebrations are hosted by a different country to help highlight the environmental challenges they are facing. This year, China will be hosting World Environment Day with a focus on air pollution.

The effects of air pollution on the environment is a global concern and can wreck havoc on human health. Scientists say some air pollution is a result of natural sources like volcanic eruptions, wildfires and allergens. However, most air pollution is caused from human activities such as energy use and agriculture. 

With the majority of air pollution being caused by our own doing, we have the ability to mitigate it. By decreasing the burning of fossil fuels used in transportation, manufacturing and electricity generation, we can all help to #BeatAirPollution

The reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere will not only lead to a cleaner environment, but is can also slow down the rate of global warming. From zero-emission vehicles to banning plastic straws, we continue to make strives at protecting the environment. 

At AMZfiling, we pride ourselves on our eco-friendly products and manufacturing process. All of our paper products are made from post-consumer recycled content, which means they can be recycled by our customers and repurposed into new products over and over again. 

Through recycling and reusing consumer waste we are able to use less energy, reduce the need to collect new raw materials and save precious landfill space. It is our commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing that has allowed us to do our part in preserving the environment.

Since China stopped accepting our trash last year it is even more important to think about how we get rid of our waste. As consumers we need to start making better choices when selecting products. Buying items made from recycled materials is one step you can take to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and improve the environment. 

We challenge you to take initiative this month and join the movement in protecting our environment for future generations. Make a difference today and choose AMZfiling for sustainable office filing supplies.