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How To Choose The Best Fasteners For Your File Folders

Posted by AMZfiling on 10/26/2018 to Articles
File fasteners are an affordable solution for keeping important documents organized and secured. With a variety of fastener options available, you might ask yourself which one should I choose? Depending on your needs, each fastener plays a different role.

To help narrow down your options, consider the following 3 aspects.

1) Type 

Before deciding on the right fastener, it is important to factor in how the product will be used. Maybe you need to repurpose an old folder or maybe you need to add more storage capacity. Once you know your intention, start looking at the different styles available. We recommend the fastener choices below for their versatility and ability to target specific needs.

These fasteners are the strongest self-applied fasteners in the world. They have a strong, permanent bond that can adhere to pretty much anything including paper, glass, plastic, metal and wood. More importantly, they are easy to use. Simply peel the back liner of the fastener and press down firmly to any object like folders, file cabinets, walls or desks. They are the perfect choice for organizing two-hole punched paperwork.

The Earflap fastener is an inexpensive way to turn existing folders into fileback dividers. It is a great way to sectionalize larger files and contains a writable tab for adding your own titles. To use, slip the two-hole punched flap over an existing fastener and close the prongs. VoilĂ ! You now have more space for organizing your files. 

Equipped with a strong manila-based strip, the Reinforcer brings old files back to life. Aside from restoring ripped or damaged folders, this fastener can be used to add extra strength to new files as well. It has a large bonding area and twice the holding power of similar products on the market. The Reinforcer is self-adhesive and requires no machinery to apply. Just peel and stick! 

Not the typical fastener you think of per se, but these adhesive strips will give your files more storage capacity. They quickly convert existing folders into binders and can hold up to 22 records. Each strip provides space-saving convenience without needing to hole punch your documents.

Possibly the most flexible, high-quality fastener you will find. The JalemaClip is a 3-piece, plastic fastener with a self-adhesive base that attaches to any binding system. Just like putting together lego pieces, it is very simple to assemble each component. These fasteners are sold in Blue or Yellow and can hold up to 2 inches of paper. The JalemaClip provides an ideal option for users needing more filing sections. 

2) Material

The next area you want to think about is what the fastener is made from. Most file fasteners are made with either metal or plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. For example, metal fasteners tend to be stronger, whereas plastic fasteners are much more flexible. Plastic fasteners also offer less risk of paper cuts because of the way they are constructed. However, if you have a heavy load of files, metal fasteners are the way to go. 

One metal fastener people tend to be familiar with are brass paper fasteners. These are the split pin style fasteners you see inside the middle section of school folders. Although functional, they have a limited storage capacity. 

The best metal fastener you can buy are steel prong fasteners. Not only are they highly durable, but they can also accommodate larger files. We recommend our very own two-inch, steel prong permclip® fasteners. What makes them unique is the way they are constructed. To eliminate prongs from breaking easily, the prongs on permclip® fasteners are made with the grain. Additionally, they are designed using non-woven fabric, making them virtually tear-proof and 300 times stronger than the folder itself.

Finally, plastic fasteners are a great alternative for those needing more flexibility. They break far less often and are typically priced much cheaper. As mentioned earlier, the JalemaClip is a fine choice if you want a plastic fastener. It lets you add or remove paperwork in no time flat and make copies of documents without having to remove any sheets. Since the JalemaClip does not use a permanent adhesive it is also easier to reposition within a folder. Once metal fasteners are installed they are pretty much stuck in that original spot.

3) Functionality

The final area to focus on is how your fasteners get installed. Do you want an embedded fastener or bonded one? We can tell you right now that bonded fasteners are the superior of the two. Aesthetically, folders with embedded fasteners look more durable and very hard to remove. However, this couldn't be further from the truth. 

With embedded fasteners you will have an increase possibility of tears because they are installed with perforations. Folders with bonded fasteners are known to provide a much longer life span and each prong can be bent over and over again with less breakage.

Along with the installation process, consider where you want to place your fasteners inside of the folder. There are 8 different fastener positions with the most common being 1 and 3, followed by 3 and 5. If you want the capability of placing fasteners where you want, bonded fasteners will let you do so. This is because you can apply these types of fasteners by hand, while embedded fasteners need to be preinstalled by a machine.