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10 Office Products To Prepare You For A Move

Posted by AMZfiling on 5/1/2019 to Articles
Did you recently get a new job and need to relocate? Are you being moved to another desk within your company? 

Moving can be one of the most daunting, yet rewarding tasks you will ever do.

7 Last-Minute Tax Return Filing Tips As 2019 Deadline Approaches

Posted by AMZfiling on 4/3/2019 to Articles
Despite the longest U.S. Government shutdown in history, tax season opened as planned on January 28, 2019. Many taxpayers have already submitted their 2018 tax returns in order to avoid the April 15th filing deadline. For those living in Maine or Massachusetts, the deadline is extended to April 17th because of the Patriots' and Emancipation Day holidays.

How To Declutter Your Workspace Using The KonMari Method

Posted by AMZfiling on 3/4/2019 to Articles
Is your workspace buried in clutter? Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?
Have no fear, you're not alone!

9 Simple Tips to Increase Your Office Productivity

Posted by AMZfiling on 1/7/2019 to Articles
Do you ever feel unproductive at work? You're not alone. Research suggests that the average worker is productive for less than 3 hours in an 8-hour day.

4 Easy Ways To Manage An Office Supply Budget

Posted by AMZfiling on 12/12/2018 to Articles
Businesses and organizations often have an annual spending budget set aside for things such as advertising, office supplies, travel expenses and other associated costs needed to operate. The decision on where to spend that money usually takes time and research so it can be stretched to last the entire year.

How To Choose The Best Fasteners For Your File Folders

Posted by AMZfiling on 10/26/2018 to Articles
File fasteners are an affordable solution for keeping important documents organized and secured. With a variety of fastener options available, you might ask yourself which one should I choose? Depending on your needs, each fastener plays a different role.

8 Legal Supplies Every Law Office Should Have

Posted by AMZfiling on 9/12/2018 to Articles
An efficient law firm starts with providing the right tools for your team. Whether it is new software or old fashion office supplies, having the proper resources on hand will help your employees succeed.

How To Create A Color Coded Filing System in 3 Steps

Posted by AMZfiling on 8/20/2018 to Articles
Color is all around us. It helps us distinguish differences between similar objects, influences our purchasing decisions, and even sparks emotions. Whether you call it science or a subjective experience, color adds a perceptual dimension that allows us to interpret the world in which we live. 

4 Tips For Organizing Your Home or Office Work Desk

Posted by AMZfiling on 7/18/2018 to Articles
Whether you work from home or in an office, desk clutter can often overcome your workspace. Being unorganized not only stifles your thinking and creativity, but it can also lead to a negative perception that co-workers and clients have on your professionalism.

The 5 Step HIPAA Compliance Plan

Posted by AMZfiling on 4/16/2018 to Articles
What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant? For many professionals, this question can often be hard to answer.

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Filing Folders

Posted by AMZfiling on 2/6/2018 to Articles
For more than 150 years, people have trusted filing folders as a reliable source for keeping important information safe. Today, they are still considered one of the most fundamental record management tools around.