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8 Legal Supplies Every Law Office Should Have

Posted by AMZfiling on 9/12/2018 to Articles
An efficient law firm starts with providing the right tools for your team. Whether it is new software or old fashion office supplies, having the proper resources on hand will help your employees succeed.

We put together a list of eight products we recommend every law office should have. Each item was chosen for its simplicity and does not require you to be tech savvy to use them.

Here are the suggestions:
1) Pens
Although much of handwriting has been replaced by computers, pens are still a useful tool for any law office. Attorneys often spend a lot of time writing and filling out paperwork, so it only makes sense that they carry around a pen. Pens are important to have around for clients as well. When clients come into the office they might need to borrow a pen to take notes or sign documents. If your office is looking for a great pen to buy, take a look at the Pilot EasyTouch Retractable Ball Point Pen. Not only is it super comfortable to use, but they are very inexpensive. 

2) Legal Pads

Commonly sold in White and Yellow, the legal pad is a reliable writing pad preferred by attorneys and professionals. Legal pads provide plenty of writing space and are great for constant note taking or making to-do lists. Contrary to the traditional ones you're used to seeing, the Levenger Company offers a notepad paper that features title boxes at the top of each page and a wide-left margin section for notes. Although higher in price, these legal pads are better quality and help you organize ideas more effectively.

3) Expanding File Pockets
These accordion-style folders are a convenient way for lawyers to organize, store and transport large amounts of paperwork. Not only do they look super professional, but they are also very durable and can withstand long-term use. They can be found in letter or legal size and are typically available with expansions of 1-3/4, 3-1/2 and 5-1/4 inches. If you're not sure which size to purchase, we recommend legal size pockets because they can accommodate both types of files. Shop with us for the strongest file pockets in the industry.

4) Exhibit Labels

Designed to save time referencing exhibits and identifying files by title or color. Exhibit labels either come pre-printed or blank for customizing with your own laser printer. They are easy to use and can be applied directly to case reports and other legal documents. For an alternative option consider using label bands, which form a handle when attached to file pockets. You can find both types of labels for sale here.
5) Legal Index Dividers

Lawyers love index dividers. Some prefer to use Avery or All-State style, whereas others choose Blumberg. With only slight variations between them, each style serves the same purpose- to keep your binders and paperwork organized. Legal indexes allow you to arrange documents by exhibits, alphabetically, numerically and more. If those don't suffice, consider purchasing blank dividers for adding in your own tab titles. Our compatible style indexes will help you get the professional look you desire.

6) Envelopes

Believe it or not, many law offices still use snail mail on a daily basis. Which is why it is essential to have envelopes on hand for sending out those important letters. A simple yet affordable solution is to buy envelopes in bulk so you never run out. You can find some great affordable options on Amazon. Or if you want something more personalized, The Mines Press offers custom envelopes printed with your company information.

7) Stamps

From pre-inked to rubber stamps, having them in stock will help your team of lawyers work faster. They are a practical and reliable solution for stamping legal documents. Acron Sales carries a variety of legal stamps that will fit into any law office budget. They also offer notary stamps, which come in handy when you need to notarize a document for a client.

8) Business Checks

Every law office either has bills to pay or products to purchase. To keep track of all these finances, it is essential to have business checks. Walmart lets you easily order business checks online. They supply an assortment of manual, computer and high-security checks to meet your business needs. What we really like about Walmart is when you're running low on checks, you can quickly reorder in 3 simple steps.