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7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Filing Folders

Posted by AMZfiling on 2/6/2018 to Articles
For more than 150 years, people have trusted filing folders as a reliable source for keeping important information safe. Today, they are still considered one of the most fundamental record management tools around. 

Here are seven reasons why filing folders are a great product to own. 

1) Creates a backup system for your files 

As much as we want to think the traditional folder is dead, that is far from the case. Sure many businesses have transitioned into electronic filing systems, but there will always be a need for storing a physical copy of your documents. Especially with the amount of healthcare security breaches we saw last year alone. 

2) Saves you time and money 

Not only are folders cost-efficient, but they also allow you to retrieve client information quickly. The best part is anyone can use them and they don't require internet to access the content, which in turn increases productivity and reduces the labor hours needed for training someone on using an e-filing system. 

3) Can take them anywhere

Nothing beats the convenience a folder offers. You can carry them around the office, at home, in the park or even travel across the country with one. Digital filing systems don't offer that kind of flexibility. 

4) Makes you look professional 

If you're looking to leave a good first impression, a folder is a great way to do so. They provide an excellent choice for presenting information to clients and potential prospects during meetings or presentations. From Dak Prescott working at the office, to Denzel Washington starring as a defense attorney; a folder can really help you sell the role. 

5) Keeps you organized

Whether you have a folder with pockets, fasteners or none of the above, it's an ideal place for securing loose paperwork. It's also useful for maintaining a clutter-free workspace. Take our President for example. Despite being slammed recently during the government shutdown, President Donald Trump has been seen with folders spread out on his desk to keep things looking a little more presentable. Let's make filing folders great again!

6) Provides document privacy and protection 

With a folder, only one person can access information at a time. This ensures more confidentiality and better recordkeeping accuracy. Additionally, file folders give you the peace of mind knowing your documents will be protected from rips, damages and internet hackers. 

7) A place to store your thoughts 

Great ideas often start with a pen and paper. Dan Pink, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author still uses this method of writing to organize his chapters. In a recent interview, he mentions how he collects and files his ideas within folders to reference later on. 

There you have it, we hope our list made you re-think of all the benefits a file folder can provide. Now get started and start searching for the perfect filing folder solution!